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ErisFae    28 July, 08, 6:00 pm
Video Description
Lilly was a family favorite. She was sweet, playful and loving; she got along with other dogs, our cats and even horses. This perfect little puppy was the apple of my eye, and shared a special bond with every member of our family. Rest in Peace our Tiger Lilly.

~I hand-raised Lilly and her siblings after their mother abandoned them. It had been touch and go, but they made it, and we were thrilled to celebrate their five-month birthday two weeks ago.

This is part of what made it so much harder to accept our little one is gone. Little Lilly got ill and passed away within just three days. It was so fast, and there was nothing we could do to prevent it.

We found out that, despite being vaccinated, Lilly contacted Parvovirus. Her sisters, Angie and Mindy joined her in heaven just days later.