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Video Description
In this lesson we look at building a tic tac toe game using #React with #TypeScript. We will use hooks for state management, and #CSSinJS for styling our react components.

We also look at how you create simple layout components using #CSS #flexbox 🌹

The final complete code can also be found on github:

#basarat #beginner #tutorial

In this video:
* 0:00 Intro
* 0:17 Get started
* 1:48 Create your first component
* 3:04 CSS in JS
* 3:48 Thinking about layout
* 4:48 Layout Components
* 6:08 Game Components
* 8:15 Game Logic and Types
* 10:12 Game State hook
* 14:06 Using the hook
* 18:30 Play through
* 19:13 Code organization tips


**Feel Free To Read This Lot**

I'm Basarat, That TypeScript Guy and I love helping developers. More about me:

Microsoft MVP for TypeScript
Lead Frontend Practice at Australia Post
150K contributions on Stackoverflow. Top Contributor for TypeScript.
Book Author : Beginning NodeJS
Book Author : TypeScript Deep Dive
Egghead Instructor :
Creator of multiple hot ✨ed Github Open Source projects

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