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Video Description
I am a fan of the newest Superocean model. Enough that I ordered the Turquoise dialed 44. I think the slow motion inspired design is cool stylistically and exceptionally legible. I welcome the upgrades over the previous generation (thinner case, ceramic bezel, nicer action, applied markers, BGW9, and the quick adjust clasp) and enjoy the addition of the reflective finish bold dial colors (we still need Breitling yellow!). In this video I showcase my personal two favorite iterations. for lending me these two watches!

Thank you to @BreitlingOfficial for lending these two for the video!

0:00 - 0:31 Colorful Intro
0:31 - 1:39 Its hard to say goodbye
1:39 - 3:37 Upgrades
3:37 - 4:48 Why?
4:48 - 6:22 The tangibles
6:22 - 9:08 Room for improvement
9:08 - 10:10 It may take time