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Video Description
This video will give you concrete tips on how to choose men's dress attire that will help you stay cooler in hot weather. I will examine materials and the differences in shirts, slacks, and sport coats/suit coats. This is not an all-inclusive video, but rather basic instructions on common styles and materials.

0:28 - Introduction to content & explanation of 1st test
1:51 - Test #1 - Polyester blend slacks & result
2:24 - Test #2 - Wool slacks & results
3:10 - More in-depth explanation of Thermal Conductivity
4:31 - Thermal conductivities data of various fabrics from TextileStudyCenter
5:58 - The two pairs of slacks color compared side by side
6:24 - What kind of dress shirts to wear
8:06 - The Master Roll (I learned this from Real Men Real Style)
9:36 - A brief overview of what kind of Sport Coats and Suit Jackets to get
10:25 - What is Bemberg?
12:04 - What can we learn from how people dress in the Middle East to stay cool
13:44 - Summary - 5 tips to stay cool
15:22 - Outro and closing shots

Music Credit: YouTube Audio Library
"Beech Disco" by Dougie Wood

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