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Video Description
Hello folks,

In this tutorial, I teach you how to use spring boot connecting to a real database with spring profiles using the cloud, more specifically AMAZON WEB SERVICES.

Although this video is long, we cover quite use interesting aspects about spring boot and you can take everything you learn from this video and go off to build real applications. Bear in mind that only use this code as boiler plate or template as not every application will be the same, but the concepts of building it aren’t that much different.

This video tutorial also demonstrates the power of implementing to an interface and loose couple system.

So, this video is split in the following order

1 – Overview
2 – Spin up RDS (Amazon Relational Databases) instance.
3 – Testing the connection using database client (SEQUEL PRO)
3 – Download previous source code from git
4 - Add and configure HikaryCP Datasource using property files
5 – Implement DAO interface, Learn SQL (CRUD) with JDBC Template
6 – Test application using postman (Rest Client)
7 – Spring profiles overview
8 – Spin up second RDS (Amazon Relational Databases) instance to act as the production database
9 – Configure Spring profiles and adding two run configurations
10 – Test changes
11 – Execute jar files with both profiles and see it in action
12 – Shut down RDS instanaces to save our free 750 hours of usage.


Remember that AWS (Amazon Web Services) only give you 750 hours for free. So, you are not using the instance or instances please go ahead and shutdown. If You go over 750 hours, then you will get charged. Nothing crazy but keep that in mind.


Pinned by Iam Djalas
Iam Djalas
1 month ago (edited)
2,301 subscribers
After receiving lots of request to create a detailed course here we go everyone.
Course Now Available here:
MORE courses:

Source code available at:

Make sure to change property files to point to your own database.

Enjoy and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE and let me know what you want to see next.