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Video Description
Clickbait title: Watch These Hot Games Intentionally Misbehave

The cough hasn't gotten any better. If anything it's worse now. I had to stop and hack a good, rumbling cough for a solid few seconds every other line. I wouldn't be surprised if it shows in the performance. The other thing, and this is petty I know, is that I'm dreading the inevitable wave of single commenters pointing out that my shirt is missing a button. They'll probably mostly assume that I missed a button, maybe make a crack about how I forgot how to dress myself, but, no, the shirt is just missing a button. I actually meant to take the spare from the fringe and repair the shirt before filming, but between the cough and the three hours of sleep it pretty much slipped my mind until recording was already done. Anyway, The Stanley Parable and Dark Souls are both really good games with very different approaches to narrative, you should check them out.

Written and performed by Dan Olson