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Video Description
Space Knowledge: The Launchers, Space Telescopes & Space Communication - Zenith - Space Documentary

Space Knowledge - The Sun & Beyond the Solar:

00:00 The Launchers
The development of reliable, high-powered boosters has enabled researchers to send probes to distant planets. Without these work horses our science would remain tied to the Earth.

This episode examines a range of launchers that are integral to space research.

24:35 Space Telescope
Space telescopes orbiting above the distorting effects of the Earth’s atmosphere, such as the Hubble, have made incredible contributions to our knowledge of the universe.

This episode focuses on the development of the Hubble Space Telescope and its successor the James Webb Space Telescope, a giant infra red instrument with the ability to see the most distant stellar activity.

48:39 Space Communication
As our expertise in space technology increases there have been spin-offs in many areas: particularly in communications.

This episode examines the profit making satellite telecommunications industry and emerging techniques designed to increase the rates of data transmission from distant space probes.
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