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Video Description
In this book(Sapiens) Dr. Yuval Noah Harari covers the entire human history in three sections namely Cognitive, Agricultural and Scientific Revolutions. He explains human history using examples from biology, anthropology, paleontology, and economics


Sapiens Book Review Tamil | How Humans Evolved in Tamil | A Brief History of Humankind | Part [3/3]

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**Some of the questions answered in the book**

How did our ancestors dominate the earth?
How did foragers create cities and kingdom?
How did we start believing in gods, religion, money etc?
How will our world look like in the years to come?


** Topics covered in this video **

What happened during the scientific revolution?
How did the Europeans respond to that?
Did Europeans entertain exploration and experimentation?
How did Europeans use science to make progress?Did they find a cure for scurvy?
Did Europeans go after knowledge or power?
How did their ignorance help them achieve more?
How capitalism change our world?
How credit made an inpact in our economy?
How did the corporates reshape our economy?
Did consumerism lead to growth?
What happened during the industrial revolution?
Invention of steam engine
Time table concept
Are we happier than our ancestors?
What is the future of HomSapiens?

**Life Changing Playlist**

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