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Video Description
official pseudo video for “alone in a room full of people” by blackbear

listen & download to “misery lake” out now:

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im alone
in a room full of people
on a street full of broken homes and we only hurt each other im alone
in a room full of clones
thought you all were my friends
but we only hurt each other in the end
hurtin each other since 2018
you got me anxious again, so i'm stuck in my sheets
you had me so high, now im on 1%
you plugged me in & tucked me in, u showed me how to pretend i hope you're happy, even though you dont look it with him
had to archive every photo like it didn't exist
now every summer i just think about the times that i miss
not to mention all the friends that i lost ever since
yeah, 100 missed calls and i don’t wanna pick up
cause when you say youll hit me back, you hit me back in a month and i don’t wanna leave the crib and i don’t want get lunch
cause everything i love doin, it just lost all it’s fun
and you made me feel disgusting about the things that i've done gave me a 100 chances, i fucked up every one
reminiscin about a past that i could never out run
i’ve been looking around this room and i don’t fuck with anyone

#blackbear #miserylake #aloneinaroomfullofpeople