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Video Description
Go to and get 15% off your first order of ZBiotics Pre-Alcohol Probiotic by using my code THEOANDHARRIS at checkout. Thanks to ZBiotics for sponsoring today’s video!

*NOTE: there are NO give aways in the comments section of this video*

Want to buy a vintage Rolex, Omega, Tudor, Cartier, etc...? Well then check out the T&H watch shop would ya!

The Moonswatch is one of the most hyped releases in recent memory. Never before have their been actual stabbings for a $250 plastic watch…BUT now there are…and we have Omega x Swatch to thank for that. So how did they do with the release? Will they never be available online now? What’s next! And when will Omega ever release the Moonwatch in different colored ceramics so Michael can buy them all!

00:00 Big C Don't Care
3:50 The Words Thinnest
7:29 ZBiotics!
9:31 Is VC Ripping Us Off?
15:45 The Fake Moonswatch

Are you interested in Rolex? Omega? Grand Seiko? Tudor? You've come to the right spot!

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