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MidWest MX    3 March, 20, 3:48 pm
Video Description
So here we are at Wern Ddu quarry for the first time. The perfect place for hard enduro training with insane hill climbs and loads of crazy enduro sections. This is where all the pros come to train and I can see why. Even looking at these hill climbs makes you think go big or go home. So many fails, crashes and hill climbing attempts. I'm glad I was here to film an awesome video. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their enduro skills.

Wern Ddu Quarry only allows enduro bikes with stock exhausts. They are very strict on this. No motocross bikes or pit bikes allowed. If you have an enduro bike then this place is perfect for you. You can find out all the information on their facebook page linked below.

Wern Ddu Quarry on facebook -

Keep up to date with behind the scenes footage and get a first look at the rides before they drop on youtube -

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Hey, I'm a dirt bike rider from planet earth! I love to film the shenanigans we get up to and basically have fun. I ride dirt bikes in the most beautiful places. Lots of fails, hill climbing, funny moments, hard enduro and sometimes extreme enduro. It's all about having fun with your friends and showing you the fun side of enduro. If you can't laugh at yourself, everyone else will. Enduro riding is life!

Bike - KTM 250 exc tpi 2 stroke dirt bike

Camera - GoPro Hero 7 black

Gear -
Alpinestars Tech 7 boots
O'neill / Alpinestars trousers
O'neill gloves
FOX chest protector
BELL Helmet
FOX / 100% Goggles
Midwest MX Hoody