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Video Description
The animals and wildlife of Africa are unmatched to the rest of the world. Experience this 4K Scenic wildlife film featuring the incredible creatures of Africa accompanied with African music. From the mighty Lions of the Serengeti, to the majestic Elephants at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, there's just something magical about the wildlife of Africa that awakens the soul. What is your favorite African animal?

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0:00 - Animals of Africa
11:21 - Masai Mara Migration
14:18 - Okavango Delta
18:06 - Amboseli National Park & Mt. Kilimanjaro
20:35 - Wildlife of the Serengiti
26:35 - Animals of Namibia
29:32 - Elephants
32:27 - Giraffes
33:48 - Zebras
35:06 - Primates of Africa
39:12 - Big Cats of Africa
42:39 - White Rhinos
44:20 - Hippos
45:44 - Cape Buffalo
47:39 - Birds of Africa
50:52 - African Wildlife

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