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Video Description
Tutorial video demonstrating how to create a custom sign in form using the Lit Firebase Auth package in Flutter.

Go check out the Amateur Coder YouTube channel for more great content and to see how to add Google, Apple and Twitter authentication to this sign in flow.

Amateur Coder:

Add third party auth:

Ready to learn more? The full animation course can be accessed at:

0:00 Overview
2:01 How to use a Custom Painter
16:13 Animating the paint
27:45 Lit and Firebase Initialization
31:09 Sign in form UI
45:55 Auth handlers
50:00 Creating multiple sign in pages
57:53 Animation Package and transitions
1:05:25 Authentication state
1:07:29 Add Page Transitions
1:14:09 Custom Notifications

The UI was greatly inspired by this design by Giga Tamarashvili

Source code:

More about bezier curves: