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Video Description
The heritage 'tuxedo' chronograph from Longines is a beautiful modular chrono with excellent detail work.. It is a modern recreation of a WWII era watch. Blued hands, silicon hairspring, pleasant dimensions- many items we look for as watch fans. It is one of my personal favorites from Longines.

Thank you to Exquisite for lending in all these excellent Longines watches. They have great selection and great customer service. Highly recommended-

Nick Lukas - 443-655-4800 ©
IG: exquisitetimepieces

0:00 - 3:31 One of the strongest dials I've filmed to date
3:31 - 4:15 L895 Modular Movement
4:15 - 6:07 Dimensions, Fit, and Finish
6:07 - 7:38 Who is this for?