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Video Description
Getting arrested is embarrassing enough, but these people’s arrests were even more embarrassing than most. It’s good to remember to return those books to the library or those videos to Blockbuster (at least when that was a thing), or you might get arrested and have your rental history leaked to the public. From the couple who really thought outside the bun and started attacking each other with Taco Bell foods to the man who stabbed somebody halfway through a haircut -- and has the mugshot to prove it -- let’s take a look at people who were arrested for the absolute dumbest reasons.

#Arrested #Dumb #Jail

Food fight turns violent | 0:00
A truly bad hair day | 1:21
The gun show | 1:47
Spaghetti uh-ohs | 2:31
A DUI for TMI | 3:05
Face-booked | 3:46
A very, very late fee | 4:14

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