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Video Description
Here’s to enjoying time alone, not being afraid of it, doing things for ourselves and not caring what others think ☀️

I’ve found myself gravitating towards spending more time by myself recently; it’s been nice to just be in my thoughts & to not worry about anyone else.
So I decided to get dressed up & take myself out on a date to the park.

I’ve found that spending more time alone has strengthened my relationships with others, because I value and crave time with them more. It’s always wonderful to feel loved and wanted 😊
I encourage you to plan a little date for yourself - it’s worth it. And so are you ❤️

Jade’s self dates 🌞:
i woke up at 4:30am for a date... with myself. 👄:
Taking Myself on a Date to London! || Productive Summer of Rest ✨:
i took myself on a date to dresden in germany! 👁👄👁:

My instagram:

00:00 getting ready
00:52 some backstory & why i’m on this date
03:13 why self-dates are awesome
06:00 the only time it will feel perfect is in the moment
07:00 make the most with what you have
07:59 parting thoughts
11:54 a self-date tip :)

Thank you for watching ☀️