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Video Description
It seems like we’re always plugged in; on our phones, listening to music or podcasts, TV on in the background… do we ever really have time to ourselves?
Time alone is vital for our wellbeing, happiness & growth. And in this video, you’ll hear my current thoughts on this topic.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments 😊

Some questions to think about/ journal on:
☀️ Can you relate to anything in this video? This feeling of being scared or uncomfortable being alone with your thoughts? Of a craving to disconnect & focus on yourself?
☀️ Do you give yourself time for your thoughts?
☀️ Do you feel that stepping away from (or spending more time on) screens will help you get to know yourself?

My instagram:

00:00 when was the last time you were alone with your thoughts? | we’re always distracted
01:05 imagine not being scared anymore… of welcoming your thoughts
01:53 being so connected drives me crazy
02:47 my struggles
03:06 what i think we’re actually searching for
03:46 can you relate to this?
04:09 a challenge for you & journal prompts
04:53 why i am sharing this video
15:17 wrapping up

Thank you for watching ☀️