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Video Description
Bundaberg was such a special place in so many ways. I cannot wait to get back out here and immerse myself in the love, connection and happiness that is this place. 😌

Vlog #1 - Getting the van and hitting the road!:
Vlog #2 - Exploring Carnarvon Gorge & Getting the drone up!:
Vlog #3 - Sunrises, sunsets & our longest drive yet!:
Vlog #4 - FOOD HAUL & arriving in the OUTBACK!:
Vlog #5 - Driving through the outback & making connections:
Vlog #6 - Our last day in The Outback!:
Vlog #7 - VAN TOUR & Undara Experience:
Vlog #8 - Lava Tubes and the most beautiful drive:
Vlog #9 - Exploring Cairns: Port Douglas, cane sugar fields, sunsets & more:
Vlog #10 - HARDEST HIKE OF MY LIFE, exploring the oldest’s rainforest in the world:
Vlog #11 - Our First Waterfall of the trip:
Vlog #12 - What I Eat in a Day: Living in a Van:
Vlog #13 - The Highest Road in QLD and a fire?!:
Vlog #14 - Wallaman Falls & Airlie Beach!:
Vlog #15 - Breakfast on the water & sunsets by the sea:
Vlog #16 - ISLAND DAY! Snorkelling, relaxing, swimming:

First Light: An Exploration of South East Queensland:
We Attempted to See 7 Sunrises in 7 Days | Documentary behind-the-scenes:
Stepping THE HECK Out Of My Comfort Zone | What I Learned:


I can’t wait to go back with you ❤️

Thank you so much for watching! If you’re reading this, let me know where you’d love to explore (anywhere in the world!) 🥳