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Video Description
Affirmations for public speaking - Don't miss these Powerful Affirmations to do away your fear of public speaking.

Say these affirmations aloud - Repeat them Often till your fear goes away .

I am a effortless Public Speaker - speaking in Public comes naturally to me !

I am always excited when I speak publicly !

I am a Confident Public Speaker !

People love the way I speak !

I enjoy being on stage

I easily connect with my audience !

I Prepare My talk and Practice till I am Confident !

I am grateful to be sharing ideas and speaking in front of people.

I am always Relaxed in front of my audience !

I love speaking in front of large crowds !

I am confident and Relaxed when I speak to a gathering

Others admire the Way I speak and connect with the Audience

I look forward to any speaking opportunity - I grab it !

I know my Subject well as I prepare thoroughly.

I stay Calm when speaking publicly

I Practice - Practice and Practice

I can't imagine ever being fearful to speak in public again.

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