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Video Description
Do you know my new exclusive channel of Acrylic Painting techniques, demonstrations and lessons? Visit me! --~--
#easydrawing #freedrawingandpaintinlessons #knowingdrawingacademy #josemanuelgallegogarcia
Drawing with chalk is an ever rewarding task. I love its effects, very simmilar to pastels. In this video I'll draw a dark and misterious night scene. I hope you like it, and if so, please, thumbs up and if you haven't yet: subscribe to my channel. Thanks and see you next video!


- Black drawing paper
- Chalk
- Keaded eraser.

Music of the video:

"Ossuary 5 - Rest" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

I hope you like it and find it useful and if you have not done yet... please like it (thumbs up) and subscribe to my channel, it helps me to continue making videos like this one, and you'll receive updates on new tutorials!

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Remember: There is an artist inside you, let it be free!

Art Online Tutorials is a Free Drawing and Painting Tutorials Channel: Fine Art Alive and Funny is a channel where you can learn to draw and paint like a pro, but in an entertaining and fun way. The artist and professor of art Jose Manuel Gallego Garcia will guide you every video, every tutorial, step by step so you can learn and enjoy drawing and painting. You may draw or paint along with him or get drawing ideas. Anyway have fun with art and remeber: there is an artist in you.

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This is a how-to or howto channel to learn drawing and painting. May be you are to start drawing and painting or may be you need to know how to make money from drawing and painting, or even you wish to know how to improve drawing and painting skills. Here you will find how to!