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Folding Ideas    16 February, 19, 1:32 am
Video Description
Clickbait title: 10 WILDEST Geek Girls OMG!!!

I found myself stonewalled on a number of other projects, to the point that I needed to make something just to get something done. More specifically I needed to finish something. Starting projects is easy, finishing them is hard. This isn't a thorough historiography of Vsauce, it's a story. It's not about the business of running the channel, the ways that it has fractured into sub-channels with multiple hosts and how the stand alone DONG channel functions as its own version of what Vsauce was, it's about the narrative created by the channel itself. Part of why I didn't go into all that is because the self-contained story is applicable to so many channels. It's a very prototypical story unique to the structure of YouTube itself. As much as there's a possible future where Mind Field is done, cancelled, over, whatever, and Vsauce goes on to do something else, something old, something new, there's as much a possible future that this is it, that when Mind Field is over so is Vsauce. Either way when you walk from one end of Vsauce to the other it's quite a journey.

Written and performed by Dan Olson

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