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Grunge    19 August, 22, 7:00 pm
Video Description
Multiple shocking bankruptcies. Substance abuse problems. Living in an RV. They were one of the biggest bands of the 1970s. But with that success came a lot of heartbreak and tragedy. This is the untold truth of Fleetwood Mac.

#FleetwoodMac #Band #Dreams

Formed in 1967 | 0:00
Green chose the name | 1:08
Lineup changes | 1:49
Buckingham and Nicks join | 2:35
Fleetwood and Nicks had an affair | 3:28
Addiction plagued Nicks | 4:24
Nicks waited to go solo | 5:23
Nicks and McVie's special bond | 6:01
Clinton reunited the band | 6:42
More reunions | 7:38
Buckingham gets fired | 8:15
Drugs and an RV | 9:16
Fleetwood went bankrupt | 10:23

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