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Video Description
First instalment of the cross court net shot series where we take a look at the early cross court net shot. We break the shot down and have some useful tricks to help you learn it. We look at the best time to play the shot and when not to use it in your matches.

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Intro 00:00
What The Series Is About? 00:18
Early Cross Court Net 00:34
Technique 00:53
Common Mistakes 02:07
When To Use It? 03:15
When NOT To Use It? 04:01
Next Video (Pt 2) 04:27

If there is anything badminton related you'd like to see us cover please let us know and you might see it in one of our next videos.

Thanks Steven and Daryl

Jacobs Badminton Introduction ~
Ex Badminton Players Steven and Daryl. Daryl playing Internationally and now Full Time badminton coaches with years of both playing and coaching experience. We combine our knowledge to provide you with content to help you get badminton fit and improve your game.