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Video Description
0:00 Introduction
0:47 What causes Motion?
3:22 Galileo's Observation
5:58 Inertia
11:10 Galileo’s law of Inertia
11:49 Newton's 1st Law
12:55 Newton's 2nd Law
13:45 Momentum
14:13 Dependency of Force on Mass & Velocity
17:40 Momentum: A practical Example
20:17 Newton's Second Law
28:36 Problem 1
33:08 Problem 2
35:22 Impulse
36:44 Newton's Third law of motion
39:41 Conservation of Momentum
40:47 Conservation of Momentum:Example 2
42:48 Conservation of Momentum:Example 3
44:01 Conservation of Momentum:Application
48:30 Equilibrium of a Particle
49:31 Problem 1
53:28 Problem 2
57:28 Common forces in Mechanics:Contact Forces
1:01:31 Friction
1:02:41 Types of Friction
1:02:49 Static Friction
1:05:30 Limiting Value of Static Friction
1:07:12 Kinetic friction
1:08:08 Characteristics of Kinetic friction
1:08:40 Motion of a body:(Considering kinetic friction)
1:13:13 Relation between μs & μk
1:16:13 Rolling Friction
1:18:10 Coefficient of Rolling, Static & Kinetic friction
1:18:59 How friction helps in Walking?
1:20:12 Friction-A Boon or Bane aganist Motion
1:21:37 Methods to reduce Friction
1:25:18 Tips to solve problems(Laws of Motion+Friction)
1:31:09 Tips to Solve Problems:Case 1
1:36:17 Tips to Solve Problems:Case 2
1:40:10 Problem 1
1:46:16 Problem 2
1:48:24 Problem 3
1:54:37 Problem 4
2:00:17 Problem 5
2:06:48 Problem 6
2:13:19 Circular Motion
2:15:27 Motion of car on a Level road
2:18:15 Motion of Car on a banked road
2:29:39 Comparison between motion along level and banked road
2:32:24 Problem 1 (formerly called ExamFear Education) is a Free Education platform with more than 6000 videos on Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, English, Science experiments, tips &tricks and motivational videos for Classes 6 to 12.

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