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Video Description
In this video, I will talk about the three broad categories of mobile applications, namely: native applications, web applications, and hybrid applications.

By the end of the video, students will be able to
1. Describe what is mobile application;
2. Identify the broad categories of mobile applications;
3. Compare and contrast native application, web application, and hybrid application;
4. List down examples of the native applications, web applications, and hybrid applications;
5. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of the native applications, web applications, and hybrid applications;

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00:00 Introduction
00:06 What is Mobile Application
00:45 Mobile Apps Categories
00:56 What is Native Application
01:22 Examples of Native Apps
01:42 Advantages of Native Apps
02:31 Disadvantages of Native Apps
02:55 What is Web Application
03:23 Examples of Web Apps
03:49 Advantages of Web Apps
04:43 Disadvantages of Web Apps
05:35 What is Hybrid Apps
06:05 Examples of Hybrid Apps
06:30 Advantages of Hybrid Apps
07:09 Disadvantages of Hybrid Apps
07:34 References
07:45 Subscribe and More Videos

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