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Video Description
What’s happening in this Boyz ‘N The Hood movie clip?
Tre’s (Cuba Gooding Jr from Jerry Maguire) friends group are all chatting around a car. But when someone purposely pushes Ricky (Morris Chestnut from The Best Man), he gets angry. The two groups all reunite behind the two of them and each group starts to be the most impressive one. But Doughboy (Ice Cube from Straight Outta Compton) takes his gun out, and everyone suddenly gets quiet. The other group leaves and things are apparently back to normal. However, they all panic when they hear the sound of a tommy gun. They escape to avoid getting killed.

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What’s the Boyz ‘N The Hood movie about?
Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr from Jerry Maguire) is sent to live with his father Furious Styles (Laurence Fishburne from Matrix and Apocalypse Now), in the red light district in Los Angeles. Although his father does everything to teach him good values, and his girlfriend Brandi (Nia Long of Big Mamma 2) guides him on his path to faith, his best friends, Doughboy (Ice Cube from Straight Outta Compton) and Ricky (Morris Chestnut from The Best Man) do not have the same entourage as him and are immersed in drug and gang culture. The three friends are drawn into a dirty story...

Credits: © 1991, 1992 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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