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Video Description
This video demonstrates an easy way to remove iCloud Activation Lock. Meanwhile, we recommend 4uKey as a solution for removing Apple ID. Download here

⚠Important notice:
1. This video is only for educational purpose of showing users how to regain access to their own device when they forgot their passwords.
2. The remove Apple ID feature of 4uKey is designed to help users how forgot their own Apple ID or password to regain access to their device.
3. For devices running iOS 11.4 onwards, the remove Apple ID feature of 4uKey will restore the device to factory settings so users can unlock with their passcode.
4. 4uKey is unable to obtain access to credentials, compromise personal data or cause serious harm to others. Do not try to violate YouTube community guidelines.

When you run into one of following predicaments, 4uKey will be the fix:
Forgot password, iPhone disabled, forgot Apple ID, Apple ID locked, Apple ID disabled
A few clicks away, here is the overral guide showing how it works:

#icloudactivationlockremoval, #bypassicloudactivationlock, #iphoneactivationlockbypass
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