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So a couple of weeks back, I made a community post asking for some of the insults that you've received throughout life. Today I'm going to show you how to respond and deal with insults and criticism so that you can better navigate your social interactions. If I'm respond to your comment in this video and you feel like I'm totally off, just remember that I don't have a lot of information so I'm going to have to imagine scenarios. This video will also show you exactly how to respond when someone insults you with over 10 different examples!

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Intro + Sponsor: (00:00)
Insult #1: (01:11)
Insult #2: (03:13)
Insult #3: (04:07)
Insult #4: (05:27)
Insult #5: (05:59)
Insult #6: (07:30)
Insult #7: (08:00)
Insult #8 (For Introverts): (08:57)
Insult #9 (Jealousy): (09:20)
Insult #10: (10:19)
Insult #11(Toxic People): (10:52)
Rapid Fire Mode: (11:15)
Another Way To Improve Your Social Skills: (12:01)