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Video Description
Brian Ross Investigates: The Young Woman Who Survived Brutal Encounter with Derek Chauvin
This week on Brian Ross Investigates: "He treated her in a similar manner that he treated Mr. Floyd." Zoya Code survived her own brutal encounter with Derek Chauvin and is set to testify at his trial. We speak to her attorney Zorislav Leyderman who has successfully sued law enforcement on behalf of dozens of victims of police brutality, often caught on bodycam videos like this shocking tape of a woman arrested for jaywalking.
Plus, they’re counting the votes in a high-stakes campaign to unionize workers at a huge Amazon warehouse in Alabama. The outcome could be a game-changer for the country’s second-biggest employer. The workers speak out.
And this week’s winners and losers in the media. See if you agree with the choices of the editors of Mediaite.

#GeorgeFloyd #DerekChauvin #BrianRossInvestigates

Brian Ross' Guests/Hosts:
Rhonda Schwartz - Law&Crime Network
Aidan McLaughlin - Editor In Chief, Mediaite

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