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Video Description
Want to buy a vintage Rolex, Omega, Tudor, Cartier, etc...? Well then check out the T&H watch shop would ya!

Space Jam! A fascinating Panerai collab! And a ticking Rolex that isn't an Oysterquartz! All these horological hot topics and more in today's video. Also among the topics today, we have a quick look and analysis at some of the hot watches from Pitti Uomo, and our Dynamic Duo take a look at two watches from the shop that are sure to scratch that vintage itch.

00:00 That Awkward Watch Geek Moment.
4:25 The $100,000 Watch Made for Michael
7:29 "Pitty-Woah-Moe"
11:04 Cool Watch, Strange Collab?
14:45 But Even Better Than Either of These Collabs...
19:24 Storytime!

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#fakerolex #kross #cartier

Today, Christian and Michael dive into some horological hot topics, from Space Jam to fake Rolexes!

We begin by talking about the $100k watch that is absolutely made for Michael - a six figure Space Jam watch made by Swiss design house Kross. The watch is 45mm, but without a conventional lug system it actually doesn't appear to wear too large. Still, the point of most contention is the light engraving of Space Jam characters around the outer rim of the dial. Regardless, while Danny Milton is asking who this watch is for, Michael is sitting here raising his hand quietly and going "Me!"

From there, we divert into style for a moment with some talk about Pitti Uomo. The event takes place every year in Florence, Italy, and while it certainly operates under the guise of a convention/business meet up for the fashion industry, it's really just a chance for very stylish men to go meet up, eat and drink in Florence for a week, and wear their most peacocky outfits. The watches of the event have become a bit of a hot topic all of their own, but what's interesting to note is that a majority of the people photographed are wearing (mostly) vintage Rolex sports models. Classic, sure, but definitely not the most outlandish option on the list.

Next up, we have a really interesting collaboration between Panerai and Academy Award Winner Jimmy Chin, who once skied down the side of Mt. Everest. The watch is massive at 47mm, especially once you take into account the crownguards and pushers on the 9 o'clock side of the case, and at $20k it's certainly a lot of dough, but is it really that much compared to a Rolex Daytona at $30k+ at this point? That said, at only 14 pieces made, it's clear this may never even hit the market and may exclusively be a really good publicity opportunity to show off Panerai playing with material and complications in a unique collaborative piece.

After a side excursion to Vintage Watch-Ville, we move onto Michael's story time. In short, Michael got to go to Sundance Film Festival and have dinner with someone who had gone to his film school and "made it." Upon meeting, he noticed the guy's two-tone blue Submariner and commented on it. Then, over dinner, he saw something that changed the whole perception of the guy and the dinner - the Rolex ticked. Worse yet, the guy noticed him noticing, and the whole situation became real uncomfortable really quickly.