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Video Description
Lil Dicky x GaTa "We Good"

Written by: David Burd, Benjamin Levin, Jack Karaszewski, Henry Kwapis, Davionte Ganter, William Daron Pulliam, Albert John Tanner, Eddie Jones, Isaiah Drewery

Published by: David Burd Music (SESAC) administered by Kobalt Group Publishing, No One Ever Reads These Anyway (BMI) / Administered by Universal Music Publishing (BMI), Jack Karaszewski (BMI), Henry Kwapis (BMI), Davionte Ganter (BMI), Ubiquitunes (BMI), Ubiquitunes (BMI), Unichappell Music, Inc (BMI), Unichappel Music, Inc (BMI)

Produced by: benny blanco, jack and henry

Mixed by: Rob Kinelski at Fortress of Amplitude

Instrumentation & Programming by: benny blanco, jack and henry

Keyboards by: benny blanco, jack and henry

Vocals by: Lil Dicky & GaTa

Engineered by: benny blanco

Recorded and Tracked at: 555 Studio (Los Angeles, CA), DAVE’s Studio (Venice, CA), Erewhon Studio (London, England)

Engineered for Mix by: Casey Cuayo and Eli Heisler

Executive Produced by: benny blanco