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Video Description
This video tutorial is perfect if you want to get started with integrating auth0 and Hasura. This video also shows you how to setup and test with Auth0 without doing a UI integration so that you can try things out quickly.

It's also a great way to try out JWT based auth with Hasura, even if you're not planning on using Auth0. This video covers creating custom JWT claims that Hasura can use in its authorization rules and a testing + debugging workflow with JWT and Hasura using and the Hasura console.

Topics covered:
1. Creating an account on Auth0
2. Login with Auth0 to create a JWT (without building a UI)
3. Create permissions to enforce authorization on Hasura
4. Add Hasura claims to Auth0 JWTs using Rules
5. Testing GraphQL authz using JWT via the console
6. Multi-role authorization

For more information head to or hit us up on our discord server at