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Video Description
What’s happening in this Miss Bala movie clip?
Gloria (Gina Rodriguez from Jane the virgin and Deepwater) decides to ride with a police officer to try to find her friend Suzu. She informs the officer that she has information on the men who attacked the club, and the officer agrees to take her to the station for questioning. Instead, he drives to a remote area and leaves the car, whereupon Gloria is taken by members of Los Estrellas, the cartel behind the attack.

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What’s the Miss Bala movie about?
Gloria Fuentes (Gina Rodriguez from Jane the virgin and Deepwater) goes to Tijuana to visit her best friend Suzu (Cristina Rodlo). Suzu is kidnapped by armed men while they are in a nightclub. Gloria decides to go with a policeman to try to find her. But he drives her to a remote area where Gloria is taken by members of Los Estrellas, the cartel behind the attack. Lino (Ismael Cruz Córdova), the head of the cartel, agrees to help her on the condition that she works for them. Later, he registers her at the Miss Baja contest. As she tries to escape during the rehearsal, she is arrested by a DEA agent. He frees her but has to become her informant. When Lino gives her another mission, Gloria informs Brian, who promises to keep her safe. The day of the transfer, the local police arrive and a shooting breaks out. Gloria realizes that Brian had no intention of helping her. Lino runs to her rescue but is shot in the leg. Gloria helps him and they run away. Later, Lino convinces Gloria to help him on another mission by showing her a video of Suzu being auctioned off, revealing that she has been forced into prostitution. She meets Suzu on the night of the party and discovers that she has been sold by Lino to become a prostitute. Los Estrellas begin their attack. Gloria points her gun at Lino, admitting that she knows everything. Lino tries to negotiate but she kills him. The two women are arrested shortly afterwards by the police. Gloria makes an agreement that Suzu will be cleared of all charges. In exchange, she will work as a CIA agent to infiltrate the cartels.

Credits: © 2019 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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