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Video Description
We brought a so-called desi commercial movie director to our studio. Let's ask them what they do, how they do and most importantly why they do it.

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Amake Gift dao please! - Flat b1, House 358-360, Road 5, Avenue - 4, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka

Story and Animation: Antik Mahmud
Vocal: Antik Mahmud
Lipsync: Mridul Animation
Color and Background: Shams Nobee, Mridul
Edit: TrewTen
Thumbnail: Antik Mahmud
Subtitle: Shanzin Sharita

#interview #Antik #Famtik

Hidden letter:
koyekdin ager kahini... ami lift diye namtesilam..dokan theke ice cream kine khabo... gate er kase darailam. guard ke bollam gate khulte. uni gate khultese...ami dekhtesi...

hothat dekhi ami nai... amio just oggan hoye gesi...

ki hoise kemne hoise no clue! jokhon sense ashche ami gate er kase matite boshe asi...amar khala ar guard amar dike takay ase...khala amake pore amar bashay niye gese..

bashay jaite jaite hothat mone porlo ice cream kena hoynai...ehh

amar ei kahini shune ammu amar bashay eshe porse mymensing theke ... bashay oshei duniyar joto medical test ase shob koraise...and boom... jante parlam ami C positive

ami kemon asi? well motamoti...luckiy amar lungs damage hoynai, taste chole jainai, matha betha or pain kisui nai...just prochur weak. ar majhe moddhei bhoyanok jor ashe....tao majhraate.

dowa korben...

to apnar khobor ki?