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Video Description
While Jurassic Park gives fame and fortune to the dinosaur, there’s more to the prehistoric era than what meets the roar. With its snake-like trunk and immensity there is no animal more recognizable than the elephant. And it’s massive footprints? They go way back.

The “Princeton Field Guide to Prehistoric Mammals” provides an overview of elephant evolution that stretches back to at least 55 million years ago. But, that was 55 million years ago. So, what happened to all these extinct elephants?

Oftentimes the surface-level reasons for the extinction falls into many categories such as human involvement or climate change. However, the meteor that broke the elephant's back is more complex than that.

In fact, in some cases it is arguable that some species of proboscideans never went extinct, but merely evolved into new forms. Curious to learn the truth? Stay tuned to find out the real reason these prehistoric elephants went extinct.

#Jurassic #Prehistoric #Mammals

Eritherium | 0:00
Moeritherium | 1:04
Deinotherium | 2:04
Gomphotheres | 3:12
Platybelodon | 4:14
Stegotetrabelodon | 5:26
Mastodons | 6:35
Stegodons | 7:36
Wooly Mammoth | 8:41
Columbian Mammoth | 9:46
Straight-tusked elephants | 10:51
Dwarf elephants | 12:00

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