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Video Description
This video features TWO pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes that get stripped and a Marbled Blue Patina applied to. My friend Hayden bought a new full price pair of Walnut Park Avenues that he stripped to bare leather. I bought a nearly new pair of Carlyle plain toe Oxforfds (size 14D) at a local thrift store to practice on first. Watch us bumble our way through two pairs of shoes, and achieve what I think is a decent end result.

0:50 The real objective to dying the thrifted Carlisles
1:23 Showing the Allen Edmonds Carlyle plain toe Oxfords
2:23 Stripping the finish off of the Carlyles with Acetone
3:29 Re-introducing Hayden & his brand new AE Park Avenue cap toe Oxfords
4:57 Dying the base color on the Carlyles
6:20 Explaining adding the marbling
7:40 Adding the marbling/musem finish on the Carlyles. This is the experimenting and learning process.
14:10 Moisturizing the shoes with Saphir Renovatuer (mink oil based)
20:04 The initial result - what did we learm, what do we need to fix?
21:55 "Fixing" and evening up the difference between the shoes, and adding more marbling with acetone
23:20 A second review of the result & more evening them up
25:19 Polishing the Carlyles with Pure Polish Neutral Cream Polish
26:06 cleaning the paint pen off the heels
26:26 Brushing off the Carlyles
27:06 re-coloring the edges of the soles & heels with Saphir #37 Medium Brown Medaille D'Or Cream Polish
27:27 Adding the Mirror Shine with Pure Polish Products High Shine Paste Wax
27:51 Starting on Hayden's new AE Park Avenues & how he stripped them
28:54 Hayden's goal with the shoes
29:34 Spraying on the Fiebings Light Blue base color diluted 1:1 with alcohol
31:38 Adding additional burnishing to the toes of the PA's
32:19 Showing the difference after moisturizing one shoe and conditioning the other shoe
33:24 Experimenting with different materials to add the marbling
34:46 Adding the marbled "Musem" finish to the PA's with a trimmed fairly dry cotton dauber with Fiebings Navy dye and some acetone
37:55 Dying the soles with Fiebings Turquoise and Purple
39:00 Conditioning the uppers again and the soles
39:22 Touch-ups
39:33 Polishing the PA's with Pure Polish Products neutral cream polish
40:50 Brushing off the PA's
41:28 Mirror shining the toes with Pure Polish High Shine Paste Wax
42:05 The finished results on both pairs
45:26 Hayden's PA's paired with one of his made to measure Savile Lane 3 piece suits. Note: Hayden has lost weight since the suit was made.
47:55 Closing photos and outro

Blue Leather Dye guide:
For a true light blue use Fiebings "Turquoise"
For a medium blue use Fiebings "Light Blue", and you may need to dilute it
For a Navy blue that will appear black in lower light, use Fiebings "Navy Blue"
Fiebings Purple is very purple

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Music Credit: YouTube Audio Library:
"Like You MEan It" by Dan Lebowitz
"221B Baker Street" by Hanu Dixit
"Wolf Kisses" by Otis McDonald
"Again" by Density & Time
"Tiptoe Out the Back" by Dan Lebowitz
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