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For a lot of GOLFMATES , that scratch handicap is a lifetime goal. There is no question: if you’re able to shoot a round under par, you’re a member of a rarified group. You’ve entered a whole new level of the game and accomplished something most golfers never will.

If you’re close to the dream of becoming a scratch golfer but you haven’t quite made it to the finish line, I’ve got the video for you!

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Welcome to the Golf Mates YouTube Channel!

We bring you fun golf videos with a band of characters for you all to enjoy.

There are characters we can all enjoy, from Mid Handicap Golfers, Funny Golfers, Senior Golfers, Scratch Golfers, Ex PGA professionals and PGA Professionals.

My videos are here to help improve your golf game and to bring the fun and the community back into Golf!

Our Characters Playlists:

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Lee Jones ► Scratch Golfer & Golf Reviewer -

Ebay Pete ► The Housewifes Choice & Mid Handicap Golfer -

Stu ► Roy 'Chubby' Brown Look Alike

Bry ► European Long Drive Champion -

Peter Finch ► Ex-Professional & Scratch Golfer

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And if you are looking to finally break 80, break 90, or even just break 100,
dans tips can help you be better
the tips in this golf video will help your practice better on the course.


I love to talk chipping. If you’ve been following our YouTube channel, you’ve probably caught a few of my videos on chipping. It’s one of my favorite skills to teach for two reasons.

First, people who practice chipping often see improvement in this skill very quickly.

Second, players who are great at chipping do really well over the course of a round. A solid chip shot often lands close enough to the hole for the player to convert it on the first putt. Over the course of an entire round, the number of strokes saved by excellent chipping really adds up.

If you want to be a scratch golfer, approach your chip shots by thinking in terms of what I call “the magic 7 feet.”

By this I mean that you want your chip shots to land within seven feet of the hole . . . on average. You may occasionally chip the ball to within 9 feet, sometimes within 3 feet, but overall, you want that average to be about 7 feet.

You see, a low handicap or scratch golfer typically converts 50-55% of their putts from 7 feet. So, if you consistently land your chip shots within that distance, you’re set up sink at least half of those putts.

On the other hand, if you have a three or four handicap and your chip shots are landing 10 or 12 feet from the cup, your odds of sinking that first putt drop significantly.

If you’re hoping to become a scratch golfer, you’ve got to focus your chip shots on achieving the magic 7 feet.


Okay, you already know distance is essential for shooting a round under par. But do you know how long your drives have to be in order to be a scratch golfer? And do you know when you can stop blaming your distance and start looking for other solutions?