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Video Description
✅ In this video,

✔️ Class: 10th
✔️ Subject: Physics (NCERT Exemplar Book)
✔️ Chapter: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current (Chapter 13)
✔️ Topic Name: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current - Quick Revision/All Concepts
✔️ Topics Covered in This Video (By Dheeraj Sir): Class 10 Physics Chapter 13 NCERT Exemplar Book Magnetic Effects of Electric Current - Quick Revision
00:00 Introduction
00:32 Magnet
01:31 Type of Magnet
05:03 Properties of Magnet
08:10 Magnetic Field
10:41 Magnetic Field Lines
12:36 Properties of Magnetic Field Lines
18:52 Oersted Experiment
22:17 Magnetic Field Due to Current Carrying Straight Conductor
27:51 Rules for Determining of Direction of Magnetic Field
39:05 Magnetic Field Due to Circular Loop Carrying Current
53:20 Solenoid
1:05:15 Electromagnet
1:08:07 Permanent Magnet
1:09:35 Force on Moving Charge Particle in Magnetic Field
1:12:05 Fleming Left Hand Rule
1:21:48 Force on a Current Carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field
1:30:45 Electric Motor
1:32:54 Construction
1:46:46 Electromagnetic Induction
1:53:04 Activity
2:01:13 Electric Generator
2:02:30 AC Generator: Construction
2:15:37 DC Generator
2:21:49 Alternating Current
2:27:37 Direct Current
2:29:00 Domestic Electric Circuits
2:35:02 Earthing
2:37:14 Short Circuit
2:39:05 Fuse
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