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Video Description
This video shows me step by step fixing a friend's pair of Magnanni casual dress sneakers that looked bad after someone tried to cover some staining and fading on the toes.
I honestly almost didn't record this video, as I didn't know if the content was "video worthy". I know it's not an earth-shattering transformation, but I thought at the end that it's still fun to watch, and may help someone. As I state in the video, just be careful with Reno-mat, as I've heard from others that it sometimes will remove the color from shoes.

0:35 - Starting condition
0:56 - Warnging of using dye with a duaber vs airbrush
2:38 - Step 1: Stripping the old wax off with Saphir Renomat
5:11 Step 2: Prepping the surface for dye
5:27 - Taping off the soles with masking tape
6:01 - Airbrushing on alcohol reduced dye
6:41 - Step 3 - condittioning the leather with Pure Polish Cleaner Conditioner
10:49 Step 4 - Brush the set up conditioner with a horse hair brush
11:26 - Step 5 - Apply Saphir Medaille D'Or #37 medium brown cream polish
12:48 - Step 6: Brushing the polish with a horse hair brush
13:51 =- Step 7: Ceaning the edges of the sole with Shoe MGK Cleaner & Conditioner & some brake cleaner
15:43 - The finished result
17:51 - Outro with music

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Music Credit: YouTube Free Audio Library:
"So Smooth" by Danny Kean - Doug Maxwell

Products used:
1. Saphir Renomat (solvet based cleaner) and Saphir Medaille D'Or cream polish available at or

2. Pure Polish Cleaner Conditioner

3. I got the Shoe MGK cleaner at a mall kiosk years ago, but any cleaner such as a baking soda and water paste, Fantastik tub cleaner, Simple Green cleaner etc will work.