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Video Description
In this episode, Filip and Fitz are back again, this time looking at debugging. Learn some helpful ways to tackle bugs and some tips and tricks.

Flutter Debugging →

Approximate time stamps:
1:45 Start-ish
2:55 Fitz talks about print debugging
6:00 Filip talks about the logging he added, and transitions to showing the bug we'll be looking at.
9:40 Fitz introduces what a debugger is
12:20 Fitz talks about what a breakpoint is
14:40 Fitz talks about step-into
16:20 Hypothesizing what force-step-into does
18:30 Stack frames
24:00 -ish Conditional breakpoints
27:30 -ish Async/race condition things
30:00 -ish dart debugger
33:00 Fitz asks about assert
39:50 -ish run to cursor
41:00 Code Deleted is code Debugged!" (Aka, we start making code changes)
48:00 bug is verified as fixed!
49:45 end-ish

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