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Today I want to go over a interesting framework that will allow you to change your behavior (or behaviour, however you want to spell it lol) and also allow you to change your habits with ease. This is something that I came across by watching a Jeff Booth interview (you can check that out over here:

If you're wondering how to hack your behavior to see lasting change, then this is THE video that you've been looking for. So pay close attention!

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Intro: (00:00)
PICNUF Framework: (00:23)
How Does It Work?: (01:11)
How To Change Your Behavior Using PIC: (02:12)
Jeff Booth's Example Of Using PICNUF: (02:31)
PICNUF & Overcome Addiction: (03:46)
Ask Yourself This Question: (05:13)
PICNUF & Studying: (05:24)
Summary + Sponsor + Easter Egg: (06:41)

#behavior #behaviour #habits