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ErisFae    2 August, 08, 6:04 pm
Video Description
Mindy (JesMinder, as my sister named her. She was nicknamed "Stripes", for her brown patches which formed unusual stripes across her back) was a quiet, serious, but happy puppy. She worked very hard to please everyone (she had mastered 25 commands by the time she was four months old!), and Mindy never gave up when faced with a challenge. Our beloved little one fought her illness 'til her very last breath. She wasn't loud like her siblings, instead content to just sit and be pet. I'll forever miss this little doll.

Despite vaccinations, Mindy was lost to Parvo on August first, just after her two older sisters, Angie and Lilly. Her sister, Daisy, and her brothers, Noah and Manny, all survived.