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Video Description
24 hours pranking my wife's best friend at the Safe House!

After Rebecca Zamolo competed in the “WHICH New BEST FRIEND Will REBECCA Chose? (Found Hidden Spy in Disguise using Hacks and Pranks)”, Matt and Rebecca created “REBECCA'S phone is HACKED! (Spending 24 hours Spying on Best Friend GAME MASTER Spy Training Reveal)”. The Real Game Master then uploaded “LAST TO LEAVE RV From HACKER MANSION WINS IT Challenge! (RZ Twin Battle vs MR X at Safe House)” next Game Master Incorporated posted “WORST TIKTOK WINS $10,000 CHALLENGE! (Testing viral Life Hacks at Safe House Found RZ Twin Clues)," now that they escaped RZ twin on the roof they need can't be defeated in the safe house. Matt has a secret friend from Guess Who game help by hacking into the system to put the safe house on lock down. Matt has a surprising idea to start prank wars. He separates them both into two teams so they can spy on the two best friends to see if they can trust. Matt and Rebecca lost the game master lie detector mixture at the casting office. He gets them both to tell the truth by saying a lie. Rebecca's team in this challenge do a disappearing ink challenge prank on Agent R. Agent R is still trying to go on his first date with his crush but fails. The final prank is the giant snake prank on Agent S. Will it work or will it be a complete fail? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019 and 2020!

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