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Video Description
This video documents helping a buddy get his business footwear in order: 2 pairs of shoes I thrifted, and a re-shine on his daily wear shoes. I thrifted a pair of burgundy Bostonian corrected grain cap toe quarter brogue Oxfords probably from the 2000's in unworn condition for $7.50, and a pair of Florsheim wingtip loafers from the 1980's for $5. I also saddle soaped, conditioned, and shined his Johston & Murphy semi brogue Oxfords that he wears often. The vintage Florsheims get a new pair of top lifts for the heels.

0:44 The 1st pair of shoes: my friend's tan Johston & Murphy semi-brogue Oxfords that need a good cleaning & shine
1:21 Showing the J&M's false/cosmetic sole stitching
1:51 Pair #2: a pair of Bostonian "Classics" quarter brogue Oxfords with Blake Stitched soles in New Old Stock condition
2:43 Pair #3: a pair of vintage Florsheim wing tip loafers probably made in 1987 featuring Goodyear Welted construction
4:41 Which pair are better, the NOS corrected grain Bostonians, or the full grain leather Florsheims? And why the answer isn't so simple
6:30 Three Simple rules for taking basic care of shoes
6:56 Saddle soaping the J&Ms
8:03 Saddle soaping the Florsheims
9:02 Conditioning the J&Ms with Pure Polish Products Cleaner Conditioner
12:18 Conditioning the vintage Florsheims with PP Cleaner Conditioner
15:54 Conditioning the NOS Bostonian Oxfords
16:08 Applying a little PP High Shine paste wax to the toe caps of the Bostonians
17:58 Brushing off then polishing the J&Ms with PP Water Resistant Cream Polish
19:12 Applying PP Burgundy cream polish to the vintage Florsheims
20:05 Brushing off the J&Ms
20:21 Applying a couple coats of PP High Shine Paste Wax to the toes of the J&Ms
20:33 Brushing off the Florsheims
20:54 Back to the toe caps of the J&Ms
21:11 PP High Shine paste wax for the toes of the Florsheims
21:24 Repairing a small tear in the Florsheims with Saphir Creme Renovatrice
23:04 Replacing a missing tassel on the Florsheims
27:39 Replacing the rubber top lifts on the Florsheims with a pair of Vibram leather rubber top lifts left over from another job
32:41 Sanding down the edges of the new top lifts
38:38 Trimming the edges of the leather portion of the new top lifts
34:40 Finishing the heel breast
35:11 Adding brass nails to the leather portion of the top lifts
37:40 Re-coloring the edges of the heels on the Florsheims
38:05 Re-coloring the uppers where I damaged them sanding
38:17 Burnishing the raw eges of the leather top lifts
40:04 Cutting out new padding for the insoles for the Florsheims
41:18 The Florsheims finished
41:57 The finished result: All 3 pairs finished up
43:14 Outro and closing still shots

Pure Polish Products website:
Saphir products are available at or

I believe this is the leather working tools kit my wife bought for me:
eBay item #124437839300 - It's cheap, but I only use mine once or twice a month, so it's fine for home use.

For Saphir products go to or

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