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Video Description
This video documents creating a "Reverse Patina" on a pair of Allen Edmonds "Lauderdale" woven leather derbies. I found these shoes at a local thrift store for $45 in excellent condition, but I felt that the two-tone brown just needed and update.

0:26 Showing the shoes, size and condition
1:05 Dating the shoes by de-coding the date code and logos
2:33 1987 vs 2001 shoes sole stitching diffrence
2:54 The sole and heel wear & my plan for these shoes
4:50 Removing the laces & Stripping the shoes with Acetone & cotton balls
8:33 Airbrushing the uppers with Fiebings tan mixed with medium brown, and then some black.
12:09 The result of the airbrushing and a great tip for conditioning leather
13:01 Conditioning the uppers with Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing
16:19 Round two of conditioning with Saphir Renovateur (Mink oil based conditioner)
18:00 Shining the uppers with Pure Polish Products neutral cream polish
19:36 Brushing the uppers
21:08 How to Mirror Shine the toe caps with Pure Polis Products High Shine Paste Wax Polish. I provide a lot of Mirror Shining tips and tricks through this part
28:34 An example of the perfect time to add a drop of water
29:12 What to check if you keep getting stratches in the mirror shine
31:50 Shining the edges of the heels and soles with Kiwi black paste wax
32:55 Removing the price in paint pen from the sole
33:17 Shining the soles
33:40 The finished result!
37:23 Closing still shots, outro, & credits

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Music Credit: YouTube Audio Library
"Bark" by Jon Deeley and the 41 Players
"Lucky Rubber Duckey" by Quincas Moreira
"Palms" by Text Me Records / Bobby Renz
"Sunny Over the Horizon" by Rage
"Walking in Line" by Freedom Trail Studio