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Video Description
Rebecca Zamolo tried TRANSFORMING My BACKYARD into a Giant WATERPARK with a Game Master Dunk Tank Challenge for 24 hours, after Matt and Rebecca held a First to Build Bridge Wins $10,000 Challenge.

Now they have discovered a lock box in the woods and need to unlock it. While Daniel, Matt and Rebecca distract the Quadrant their friend Kurt is inside the safe house working on picking the hacker lock. Each round is different and they start off by doing a scavenger hunt to find the hidden devices to throw. Even though this is a challenge it is just a decoy. Rebecca wins the first round and they roll dice to see how many chances to dunk they have. If they can avoid saying yes to the hacker for 24 hours that would be amazing. When they finally thin Kurt is done Rebecca turns it into a last to leave the hot tub challenge. Kurt uncovers that there is a hidden note inside with another piece of the computer to stop Vidcon. Daniel hacks into the spy camera and is able to create a loop for only 2 minutes. Matt and Rebecca run into the backyard and dig up another abandoned safe and recover the next piece. Can they get back to the hot tub before the hackers notice?

Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for in 2019!

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#lasttodunk #money #gamemaster

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