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Video Description
How many menswear entrepreneurs also see it as their duty to restore and preserve centuries-old architecture, to re-cast our relationship with our history and our surroundings, and quote with authority the likes of Marcus Aurelius, Confucius and Xenophon as they do it? It's fair to say Mr Brunello Cucinelli is overwhelmingly interested in taking the long view. So it's really no surprise that for several years now, he has been loyal to Vacheron Constantin, Switzerland's longest continuously active watch brand.

We went to Solomeo, the 13th-century Umbrian hamlet that Brunello Cucinelli calls home, to hear from the man himself in conversation with his son-in-law and co-CEO, Mr Riccardo Stefanelli. The two muse on their shared appreciation of Vacheron Constantin watches, and as you might expect, expand to talk about our relationship with time, design and beauty - not to mention the dignity of the human spirit.

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