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Video Description
This is one of the most solid luxury sport watches on the market. It is so well rounded, I have no problem in stating that it is- nearly perfect. For many it is an ideal selection as a first IWC purchase. It makes me want to experience other models from the brand.

Thank you Matt at the Watch Exchange Company for a very smooth transaction. I would definitely like to do business with you again!
(207) 209-4000
IG@ watchexchangecompany

0:00 - 0:27 Hype it in
0:27 - 1:32 Nearly perfect
1:32 - 4:10 The reasoning
4:10 - 5:09 The movement
5:09 - 6:00 The bracelet
6:00 - 9:10 What would make this perfect?
9:10 - 9:30 Hype it out