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Video Description
Python Django Tutorial for Beginners - Learn Django for a career in back-end development. This Django tutorial teaches you everything you need to get started.
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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:58 – Prerequisites
0:01:38 – How to Take this Course
0:02:40 – Getting Started with Django
0:03:19 – What is Django?
0:06:08 – How the Web Works
0:10:32 – Setting Up the Development Environment
0:12:33 – Creating Your First Django Project
0:18:44 – Using the Integrated Terminal in VSCode
0:22:05 – Creating Your First App
0:25:36 – Writing Views
0:27:27 – Mapping URLs to Views
0:32:10 – Using Templates
0:36:19 – Debugging Django Applications in VSCode
0:44:11 – Using Django Debug Toolbar
0:48:37 – Building a Data Model
0:49:21 – Introduction to Date Modeling
0:52:00 – Building an E-Commerce Data Model
0:56:35 – Organizing Models in Apps

#Django #Python

Django is the most popular framework for quickly building production-grade backends with Python. That's why a lot of companies use it and are looking for developers with Django skills. If you know Python and are looking for a career in backend development, you must have Django on your resume.