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Video Description
Bat-chewer, metal deity, and interview urinator Ozzy Osbourne is entertainment royalty for a reason. But did you know he once rode bikes with Pat Boone? Here’s some wild tales from people who met Ozzy Osbourne.

#Ozzy #Musicians #Metal

Rob Zombie's personal concert | 0:00
Geezer Butler's perfect lead singer | 1:15
A sticky interview with Ozzy | 2:07
Robert Trujillo is boring | 3:10
Jim Breuer's airborne Ozzy encounter | 4:21
Slash couldn't keep up | 5:22
Lita Ford met Ozzy... twice | 6:32
Jon Oliva's quick dinner | 7:45
Randy Rhoads can tune beautifully | 8:52
Ozzy is a total Swiftie | 10:06
No love at first sight | 11:10
A matchmaker for Rick Astley | 12:11
Pat Boone and Ozzy - neighbors | 13:24
Kirk Hammett had Ozzy instructions | 14:28
Henry Rollins met his idol | 15:32

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